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Universal-Adapter for Sytong / Pard NV007A
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Universal-Adapter for Sytong / Pard NV007A

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PARD Universal Adapter For all scopes with Ø 35.2 - 47.0mm ocular diameter... more

PARD Universal Adapter

For all scopes with Ø 35.2 - 47.0mm ocular diameter
Compatible with: PARD NV007 / NV007A / NV007V, SYTONG HT-66 / HT-77 / HT-770 / HT-88

Easy and fast mounting and dismounting with just a few moves

With the PARD Universal Adapter, the compensation between scope ocular and adapter can be easily and conveniently adjusted by using two different sized PVC adapter spacers.

Therefore, no compensation with rubber rings or adhesive tape is necessary anymore.

Mounting instructions:

  1. Loosen the fixing ring from the adapter and place it on the ocular of your scope.
  2. Now, adjust the distance between the ocular and the adapter with the appropriate PVC spacer.
  3. Then, place the main part of the adapter on the ocular of your scope and screw it together with the fixing ring.

Mounting note:
For ocular diameters under/between 35.2mm Ø and 39.0mm Ø, use the small/medium-sized PVC spacer, and for all other scopes between 39.0mm Ø - 47.0mm Ø, only use the thick PVC spacer.

Package includes:

  • PARD Universal Adapter with bayonet lock
  • 3 pieces of PVC spacer
  • Fixing ring

Note: The PARD Universal Adapter is not suitable for Blaser R93/R8 rifles, as the closing mechanism of the adapter ring blocks during the repeating process.

Compatible with: PARD NV007, PARD NV007A, PARD NV007V, Sytong HT-66, SYTONG HT-77, SYTONG HT-77 LRF, SYTONG HT-660, SYTONG HT-770