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InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment
InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment
InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment
InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment
InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment
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InfiRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Imaging Attachment

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InfiRay Mate MAH50 thermal imaging attachment device High-end clip-on thermal imaging... more

InfiRay Mate MAH50 thermal imaging attachment device

High-end clip-on thermal imaging device:
Extremely precise and razor-sharp

Included in delivery: InfiRay Mate MAH50 with remote control, shaft mount/cover, Velcro strap, IBP-4 power bank with 30mm scope mount, Picatinny rail, USB-C charging/data cable, power adapter, cleaning cloth, heat pads for zeroing, transport bag, German instruction manual, 3-year warranty

With the Mate MAH50, InfiRay introduces a device with a level of precision and image quality that has not been achieved before. The contrast sharpness and overall image quality are even better than in the previous model, making this device a real highlight. This, in conjunction with the very sensitive sensor technology with <30mk and the 12μm pixel interval, results in a significantly more harmonious and clearer thermal image. With the new Mate, up to 10x magnifications can also be used on daylight optics in terms of image quality.

  • 25 mk high-end sensor with 12μm InfiRay Technology
  • 640 x 512px detector with 50mm lens
  • Compact design with tower focus ring
  • Up to 10x magnification with ZF possible
  • Detection of heat sources from approx. 2600m
  • High-resolution 1024x768 OLED display

Due to the 640 x 512 pixel resolution, the Mate MAH offers ultra-precise adjustability in the X and Y axis of 1 MOA, making the device one of the most precise thermal imaging attachment devices on the market. The adjustment of only one MOA (29.4mm) enables extremely fine-tuning of the point of impact.

As a multifunctional thermal imaging device, the Mate Clip-On series can not only be used as an attachment device, but also as a monocular for pure wildlife observation.

Unlike night vision devices that only work with residual light or require an IR illuminator, the Mate MAH50 can also be used in complete darkness. Even in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow or through incomplete obstacles such as branches, high grass, bushes, heat sources can be detected.

The device has an internal battery that allows for a runtime of up to approx. 4 hours. In addition, an external battery pack is included with a runtime of approx. 7 hours, so a total battery life of 11 hours is available.

As is customary with InfiRay, four different shot profiles can still be saved and selected. In addition, the device has a WLAN interface with app support and can capture images/videos of your hunting experiences.

The main control panel on the top of the Mate can now be detached and serves as a Bluetooth remote control, making all settings ergonomically and comfortably adjustable by the user.

Optionally, a viewfinder can be purchased for using the device as a monocular and a laser rangefinder (LRF). A real laser rangefinder is probably the missing piece in relation to attachment devices that many hunters have been waiting for. InfiRay has taken up the matter and now a laser rangefinder module can be mounted directly on the Mate using a short Picatinny rail. The LRF module is equipped with a standard 18650 battery and serves as an external power bank for the Mate at the same time.

Technical data - InfiRay Mate MAH50

Detector 640 x 512 @12μm, VOx
Focal length 50mm
NETD ≤25mK
Aperture F1.0
Spectral range 8μm ~ 14μm
Display 1024 x 768 pixels (OLED)
Shutter modes Automatic, Manual, External
Field of view (FOV) 8.8°
FOV at 100m approx. 15.4m
Frame rate 50Hz
Magnification 1-4x (Digital)
Detection range 2,597m
Recognition distance 865m
Identification distance 432m
Digital zoom 1x, 2x, 4x
Color palettes Black Hot (Black = Hot)
White Hot (White = Hot)
Red Hot (Red = Hot)
Thermography Color
Diopter adjustment Yes
Wi-Fi / App Yes
Compass Yes
Photo capture Yes
Video capture Yes
Remote control Yes
Bluetooth Yes for remote control
Battery life 4 hours (+7 hours)
Battery type Internal Li-ion battery
LED light Yes
Internal memory 32GB
Operating temperature -25°C / +50°C
Interfaces USB-C
Protection class IP66
Weight 530g
Dimensions 146 x 62 x 73m